Client: Dept. of Education

Architect: Walsh Associates

Value: € 4,500,000

Location: Dublin

Description: Construction of a new 2 storey 24 classroom school, 2 no. general purpose rooms, library / resource area, staff facilities (approx. 3,670 m2) and other ancillary accommodation, under GCCC contract.

The ground conditions within the Holy Trinity project consisted preliminary of made ground at the top strata followed by a mix of gravel, cobbles and occasional larger boulders on the secondary strata. The use of a conventional strip foundation solution would not work within this environment. Mythen Construction Limited were tasked with providing a piling solution based upon the working loads of the proposed building whilst also incorporating relevant factors of safety. The foundation solution provided by Mythen Construction Limited was to install driven precast concrete piles with a ground beam construction completed thereafter connecting to the formed piling. Vibration monitoring was carried out on a continuous basis as the project was in close proximity to existing buildings and surrounding environment. Static load tests along with dynamic load tests were completed to proof the installation.

Site works included 3 external ball courts (1,755m2.), 2 external play areas (300sq.m ea.), 50 no. car parking spaces including 16 no. set-down spaces, 38 no. covered bicycle stands, new 2.4m high perimeter wall with railing, new pedestrian and vehicular entrance gates and 3 no. 9m high flag poles.

The existing school was relocated in temporary accommodation on site and remained in operation during the 16 month construction period.